Xalam’s reference report on key market dynamics, outlook and economics in Africa’s growing data center market. Including forecasts, competitive landscape, and key analysis of issues ranging from overbuild risk to sustainability, hyperscaler deployments and data center valuations. The best research value for money you will find on this opportunity, on these markets. Anywhere.

This is more than a report. We aim to deliver a reference research tool you will use multiple times, and for a long time. Research package including a PDF report, key chart data in Excel format, and a 15-slide Executive Presentation summarizing the insights.

African markets are witnessing an unprecedented wave of data center capacity build-out, driven by the awesome pressure to harness the explosive flows of data traffic sweeping the region, the gravity-like pull of physics and network latency, and the rising but no less powerful demands for national data sovereignty.

Africa’s commercial hosting capacity has surged and is now doubling every three years. Our new report looks deep into the drivers of African hosting capacity growth, analyzes key questions facing the sector, from overbuild risk to true demand potential, likely hyperscaler destinations, edge strategies, sustainability in the face of power and water shortages and overall investor value.

Our analysis lays out why data centers have become some of the most highly-valued assets in Africa’s digital infrastructure fabric. The reference research for all investors, data center providers and market participants in the growing African data center sector.

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The African Data Center Gigawatt

Report package delivered in PDF and Excel
100 pages, incl. 50+ Charts and visuals
40 key charts with underlying data in Excel
A 15-slide report synopsis in PDF format

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