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The African Data Center Rises

Our new report analyzes how the cloud is transforming data center colocation into one of the hottest growth segments in the African ICT market. A reference report for the African digital market investor.

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 The African FTTH Boom

The rise of last mile fibre is upending Africa’s broadband retail market dynamics. From bandwidth speeds to user experience, pricing models and market share upheavals, it’s a whole new game.

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State of Digital: Angola

At last, Angola is opening up. But even by African standards, this is one market that is as tough as they come. Our new report analyzes whether Africa’s last telecoms Eldorado isn’t merely another investor mirage. 

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Valuing African 4G Spectrum

How much is African 4G spectrum worth? Our new report analyzes 60 spectrum transactions across 20 African markets over the 2006-2016 period, and says it’s expensive, and complicated.

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 Future of African Bandwidth

Our latest bandwidth research says the African subsea capacity market has entered an era of unprecedented bandwidth abundance. From this point on, it will either grow – or it will be fundamentally disrupted.

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 African Mobile Profitability

Seldom have the fundamentals that have long underpinned the success of African mobile operators been so much under threat. Our flagship Future of Profitability report charts the path ahead.

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Visualize the data

We have strong market views, and we’ll tell you what we think. But the Xalam data platform isn’t merely about displaying the patterns we see or sharing our insights. It’s really about allowing you to explore and manipulate the data so that you can develop your own insights. Contact us today, and start exploring African digital market data, like you never thought you could.

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South Africa’s Proposed ICT Law: Full of Pitfalls, with Upside

South Africa’s ICT Bill, if enacted, would be the most pivotal piece of legislation to come to the market since 2005. We say the Bill is a well-meaning attempt to right the market’s wrongs; nonetheless, using 4G spectrum as the primary lever to execute a complicated re-engineering of the industry’s structure is bound to be messy.

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🔒 Making Sense of Zimbabwe’s Surprisingly Solid Telecoms Market

In the face of one of the most systematic exercises in economic destruction Africa has ever witnessed, Zimbabwe has surprisingly emerged as one of the most important telecoms markets in the region. What’s behind such a performance? The explanations leave us with much trepidation for the country’s tech upside.

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🔒 Why Sanctions Against African Telcos are Skyrocketing – and Why it Matters

The number of fine procedures against African telecoms operators has tripled over the past two years. The fines are getting more diverse and costlier. This is a game that works for governments and (at some level) operators. The main loser? The African consumer, who, somewhat perversely, keeps cheering them on.

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Angola’s Flawed Telecoms Opportunity:
Much Welcome, Yet Not Good Enough

The Angolan government’s moves to finally open up its telecoms sector to international capital are overdue, and much welcome. But we say the licensing of a fourth mobile operator and the privatization of Angola Telecoms are structured as though they were can’t miss opportunities. They are not.

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