• Strategic Analysis & Business Support
  • Market Sizing & Forecasting
  • Commercial & Financial Due Diligence

We are a boutique advisory and research firm focused on cloud and digital infrastructure in frontier technology markets. We support our customers’ investment and business decisions by making available the most in-depth, context-relevant data and insights available on the digital infrastructure and cloud opportunity across Africa, the Middle East and emerging Asia.

Our services
Research Subscriptions

Our research subscriptions provide an extensive set of resources available at your convenience. Research packages include our Investor and Country reports, quarterly market forecasts, market briefs, analyst access and full access to our online market dashboards.

Reports & Forecast Content

Our reports and market briefs analyze growth patterns and projections, business models, regulatory impact, investment returns and more. Our reports are full of data, and use extensive combinations of charts, maps, bullet points and unvarnished written style to get you to the bottom line

Custom Research
We leverage our extensive research base to help our clients answer the key questions they have – from market sizing and forecasting to competitive analysis, commercial projections and more.
Strategic Advisory

Our best work often takes place in the background. We support boards, strategy planning, M&A teams and equity and debt investors an a host of other stakeholders. We have a successful track record of executing commercial and financial due diligence work for some of the world’s largest investors.

What makes us different
It’s all about the data. Our insights stem from extensive data collection and analysis. We leverage our analytics platform to develop higher level statistical insights on markets, companies and performance, and run cross-region benchmarks.
Analytical Depth
Our clients require extensive analytical depth to support their investments – and that is what we do. Economic feasibility, unit economics, profitability, return potential – we get to the bottom of it.
Frontier Market Focus
Frontier markets are complex; they require a unique level of focus to fully appreciate their potential, including volume demand, structural challenges, regulatory dangers. We cover it all, from Mtunzini to Fujairah.
Flexible and Responsive
We are a boutique, no-bureaucracy and no-nonsense firm. Our efforts are focused on delivering what is most important to you, when you need it. We are responsive, flexible and agile. If you need it and we can do it, we will make it work.