Xalam Malaikum

We are reimagining African and Arab tech market data.

What Makes Us Different

"Xalam Analytics was born from an obsession to deliver frontier market technology research that is of the highest quality, seeped into local market knowledge and focused on things the investor truly cares about.

We believe in research that is accessible; the data is largely useless if the user cannot process it, absorb it relatively easily, and make something out of it. So we aim to provide research that is highly reliable, comprehensive yet easily absorbed, and quite frankly, affordable. Using the latest cloud, data analytics and visualization technologies, we are now able to do just that.

It’s an oft-popular notion that there isn’t enough good data on frontier digital markets. We see it differently; we think the flow of data available is unprecedented.  It's all around us. We see it, we breathe it. Every day.

What’s been missing is the will and ability to collect it, process it, analyze it and communicate it in a way people can actually use. That, in essence, is Xalam Analytics.  We are a frontier-market-focused data analytics, and tech investment research firm. All in one." 

Guy Zibi - Founder & Principal

Our market focus: digital


Our research focuses on digital economy markets – the adoption of information and communications technologies (ICT) across all sectors of the economy. We track digital connectivity and infrastructure markets, two segments we see as foundational for digital transformation. We research 4G/5G access and metro fibre models, international bandwidth capacity and data center hosting capabilities.

We go deep on enterprise and consumer adoption of digital services and applications, from e-commerce and video-streaming, to cloud and IoT - all in the local context.  

Our geographic focus: Africa and the Middle East

We concentrate on frontier markets (from an investment standpoint), with an initial focus on the Middle East and Africa, and a broad scope extending to more than 50 individual countries. Our core, day-to-day coverage spans 25 markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, and 15 in the Middle East and North Africa, including city-level detail.