Fundamental Research
for Frontier Digital Markets.

In God we trust. All others must bring data.
- W. Edwards Deming

We are obsessed with not wasting our clients’ time, or money. Our written content aims to be comprehensive, easy to absorb, data-driven and bottom-line-focused. With a healthy dose of no-nonsense. Frontier market tech research at the highest standards of quality. That’s Xalam.

We’re ready to help you make faster, data-driven investment decisions.

Our Research Products


Our flagship investor reports provide an in-depth assessment of opportunities in specific digital market segments. We analyze market patterns and projections, business models, regulatory impact, investment returns, asset value and more. Our reports are full of data, and use extensive combinations of charts, maps, bullet points and unvarnished written style to get you to the bottom line.

Our aim is to make the analysis easy to absorb, yet comprehensive enough to remain a reference document that can be accessed multiple times. Our investor reports are ideal for those that already sense, or see an opportunity - but want to dig deeper into economic feasibility, profitability and potential returns. Click to learn more.


We cover markets that are characterized by their diversity. Our country "State of Digital" reports dig deeper into the individual country case, covering all segments of the digital opportunity: connectivity, infrastructure, digital consumer and digital enterprise. We assess market size across segments, analyze patterns, break down key player performance and more. All while retaining the data-driven, visually compelling and bottom-line written style that is now a Xalam Analytics trademark. Our country reports are for those who are developing models to tackle opportunities in individual markets; we give you a view to complement (or challenge) your own, along with market and player data to feed your own models. Click to learn more.

The Xalam Analytics Monthly is a free, invitation-only report published once or twice a month. The report draws from Xalam's client-only reports and provides sharp insights on key trends and events in the Middle East and African technology space, with a focus on digital infrastructure and services - mobility, cloud, IoT, connectivity and more. And all from an investor's lens and a direct "where's the money" focus. Click to learn more.

What we make available publicly is less than 10% of our research and capabilities. In addition, our research is priced to meet your budget requirements. If you buy more than 2 analyst research reports a year, waste a lot of precious time on business intelligence, or carry out more than two research projects annually, it's time to get a Xalam Analytics subscription - and save yourself some time and money. Click to learn more.