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This is a sample Xalam Analytics market visualization; move your cursor around the view to select, filter, see additional detail. Please note that this view is optimized for a desktop, laptop or tablet. If you are having trouble seeing it on your device, try the full screen button on the bottom right of the display. This sample dashboard shows the number of mobile connections in African markets. 

How to use this dashboard:

  1. Select a year to see the mobile connection base and penetration for that year.
  2. Hover over a country to see the indicators for that country.
  3. To see the indicators for one, or multiple countries, select those countries from the drop-down menu. Select “All” to restore the full view.
  4. You can also click on a country in the map to see the indicators and highlights for that country. Click again to restore the full view.

Please note that this is a partial view, covering 5 countries only. Please log in or register as a Xalam member to access the full view.

Additional visualizations

🔒 Our featured visualization: African mobile connections: click here.

  1. Full Africa Mobile Connections (20 countries and expanding)
  2. See mobile connections, rank the largest markets, and see subscription growth over the 2013-20 period.

🔒 Our dashboard of the month: Mobile revenue growth in local currency vs. USD – click here.

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  2. Which markets stand to be the most impacted in 2018?
  3. We explore the data.