Xalam’s reference report on African fiber markets, from the first mile to the last mile. Including international capacity demand and supply forecasts, wholesale fiber business model evolution, the impact of hyperscale cables Equiano, PEACE and 2Africa, the rise of terrestrial fiber, the African FTTH boom – it’s all here, with Xalam’s trademark data-driven and investor-focused analysis.
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Few markets symbolize the frenetic race to build up Africa’s digital infrastructure as much as the fiber market. From the data center to the home, fiber networks provide the pipes that interconnect facilities, cities, countries, and the broader African continent to the global Internet – and to itself.

The African fiber market has witnessed significant infrastructure build over the past decade. Twenty five new Africa-focused submarine cables have landed in the region since 2010, bringing in more than 500 Tbps of potential international capacity. Terrestrial fiber deployments have crossed the 1 million kilometer-mark; dozens of thousands of mobile network sites are being fiberized to support mobile broadband. Last mile fiber networks now pass more than 10 million homes and businesses across the region, four times more than only five years ago. Today, fiber networks are an essential enabler of what we have called Africa’s age of cloud; they are the glue that binds together the African Internet.

The African fiber market is in the midst of significant change. The irrepressible growth of data traffic is exploding IP transit requirements. Soaring demand for cloud and data center connectivity and impending 5G deployments are transforming metro fiber markets. The rollout of software-defined networks (SDN) is transforming how African wholesale capacity is provisioned. The arrival of hyperscale cables Equiano, 2Africa and PEACE is not just bringing new capacity; the new cables are actively reshaping traditional international capacity sales models, forcing wholesale carriers to evolve their business models.

Xalam’s Future of African Fiber report series explores all these questions and more. This is essential research for all investors, service providers and market participants in the growing African fiber market.

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The Future of African Fiber

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