Our much-anticipated research on the commercial opportunity for cloud services in Africa. Building on 12 months of research, dozens of customer and service provider discussions and underpinned by proprietary enterprise cloud adoption surveys, this report provides arguably the most comprehensive analysis publicly available on the surging potential of African cloud markets.
Research package including a PDF report, key chart data in Excel format, and an enterprise licence. Optional package including an annual subscription to Xalam's Africa enterprise and cloud market dashboard services, including a wide range of cloud infrastructure, demand, and market forecast trackers.

African companies are answering the irresistible call of the cloud. From the ability to scale operations, boost innovation and bolster business continuity in the face of inadequate power infrastructure, migrating to the cloud has become a central component of Africa’s digital transformation.

The African cloud is now a compelling multi-billion-dollar commercial opportunity, growing at a 25%-30% rate annually. It is also a dynamic and highly complex marketplace, where hyperscalers compete and partner with a broad range of telcos, data center providers and cloud specialists.

This analysis is about the near-term economic, commercial and investor upside presented by the rapid adoption of cloud services. It is the outcome of 12 months of extensive research and data analysis, dozens of interviews and conversations with enterprises and service providers and four separate enterprise cloud adoption surveys.

This report does not pretend to have all the answers on the rise of the African cloud. But consistent with the Xalam research ethos, it does pretend to offer most of those answers - and indeed, the most comprehensive picture available on the African public and private cloud services opportunity.

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The Rise of the African Cloud

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180 pages, incl. 60+ Charts and visuals
30 key charts with underlying data in Excel
One-year access to Xalam's Enterprise & Cloud market dashboards (optional)

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