The Xalam market dashboards

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The Xalam Market Dashboards

We're reimagining access to market data:

A powerful, AWS-based, interactive data analytics and visualization platform.

Millions of data points and forecasts on digital services and infrastructure

A transformed cost of access - month-to-month, annual, custom

Filter, map, explore the data in new ways.

Answer key questions in a few minutes.


Key TMT segments

Our dashboards cover key digital services and infrastructure markets: wholesale data, data center colocation, enterprise ICT and cloud, and retail connectivity markets

Africa Colocation market dashboards

Africa International bandwidth market dashboards

Africa Terrestrial fibre & metro market dashboards

Africa mobile services market dashboards

Key Features

Extensive, context-relevant data


We focus on Africa and the Middle East - so our research can go deeper in tracking the data that is most relevant to you, all the way to provider, city and segment level. Our team collects, cleans, and curates hundreds of thousands of data points in all the markets we cover. Those numbers are analyzed in context, and ultimately translated into insights, and compelling market visualizations.

Highly flexible, accessible to most budgets

Premium-quality research has rarely been this accessible. Get 30-day access, annual access, or a custom data room. Short-term project, or a more sustained, customized need - we've got a plan for you.


Accessible, interactive, easy to use


The best data in the world is only marginally helpful if it cannot easily be absorbed. We put a premium on accessibility, interactivity and usability. In addition, the platform is AWS-based, so you can access it anywhere you have good connectivity. Connect data points, benchmark performance – all in a matter of minutes. Now we’re talking.

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Xalam Dashboards: Powered by Tableau


The purpose of a dashboard, it has been said, is to provide the greatest degree of understanding with the least amount of effort. Our data visualization tools are designed to do precisely that.

We bring the big data capabilities of Tableau to frontier digital market investment analysis. Arguably the world’s best data analytics and visualization tool, Tableau brings a human-cognitive-approach to asking questions and visualizing answers. It incorporates visual perception best practices on how the brain recognizes patterns to draw insights faster; all to help you “see” and project opportunities in new, inimitable ways.