Our Analytics Platform
Get the data. Visualize the patterns. Create your insights.

Powered by Tableau


The purpose of a dashboard, it has been said, is to provide the greatest degree of understanding with the least amount of effort. Our data visualization tools are designed to do precisely that.

We bring the big data capabilities of Tableau to frontier digital market investment analysis. Arguably the world’s best data analytics and visualization tool, Tableau brings a human-cognitive-approach to asking questions and visualizing answers. It incorporates visual perception best practices on how the brain recognizes patterns to draw insights faster; all to help you “see” and project opportunities in new, inimitable ways.

Explore hundreds of thousands of data points

At Xalam, we believe all data points are connected in some fashion. Our research and data analytics teams track, collect, clean, and analyze hundreds of thousands of data points in all the markets we cover. Those numbers are curated, analyzed in context, and ultimately translated into compelling market visualizations.

From city-level household and enterprise size, to the size and scope of digital infrastructure, or the financial performance of key digital market players, we do the ground work you need to support your investment decision.


Interact with the data - and create your own insights


We have strong market views, and we’ll tell you what we think. But our data platform isn’t only about displaying the patterns we see or sharing our insights. It’s really about allowing you to explore and manipulate the data so that you can develop your own insights.  

Connect data points, test hypotheses and correlations, benchmark player and market performance – all in a matter of minutes. Now we’re talking.

Access the data - Wherever you are

The Xalam platform sits in the cloud, so you can access it wherever you have good connectivity. Dashboards include mobile-friendly versions for use in different types of user environments. Do a quick check on some projections, answer hard questions on the go, quickly benchmark two markets and companies. It’s all there, at your fingertips.