xalam Broadband dashboards

Tracking broadband retail markets, from 3G to Fibre.

Africa Broadband Dashboards

Features Include:

Interactive data visualizations and maps; Filter, test, explore the data in new ways.

Get a detailed view of 25+ African broadband markets and 100+ providers.

3G, 4G, ADSL, Fibre, connections and revenue projections.

Answer key questions in a few minutes.

Cloud-based; access anywhere you have good connectivity.


Monthly or annual access

Flexible options to access the insights you need and maximize your budget.

Monthly Access

3-month access

1 User License

Detailed broadband data on 25+ markets

Interact with the data; filter, adjust, zoom in/out and more

Download charts & views as PDF or PNG

Annual Access

12-month access

1 User license, valid one year

All components of Monthly Access

Download charts & views as PDF or PNG

Convert key data to Microsoft Excel!

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Get your broadband answers

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Explore the big picture

How large is the African broadband market – connections, penetration levels, revenue? How fast is it growing? Which technologies drive growth? Who are the largest broadband providers? See thousands of data points, by sub-region (SADC, ECOWAS, etc.) or market, etc.

Do a market deep dive

Benchmark markets; assess the region's most connected markets, the largest markets (in terms of connections and revenue), broadband player market share at country level, the interplay between 3G, 4G, FTTH, WiMAX and other technologies, and more.

Assess broadband providers

Assess and rank from 100+ providers of wireline and wireless broadband services; see company performance at country, or regional group level, and more.